dbms-rolesThey are so many roles of the database management system (DBMS) . We outline the major roles DBMS plays in the storage of data

Roles of Database Management System (DBMS)

  • The DBMS serves as the middle man between the user and the database. the database structure itself is stored as a collection of files and the only way to access the data in those files is through the DBMS.
  • The DBMS receives all application requests and translates them into the complex operations which need to be carried out to fulfill those requests.
  • The DBMS hides much of the database internal complexities from the everyday users of the database.

Advantages of database management system

Advantages of a DBMS include the following:

  • Improved data sharing : The DBMS helps create an environment in which end users have better access to the data which they require to carry out a task. such access makes it possible for end users to increase their efficiency and productivity
  • Improved data security: A DBMS provides a framework for better security needed to enforce data privacy and security policies
  • Better Data integration: wider access to well managed data promotes an integrated view of the organisation’s information technology (IT) ¬†infrastructure and business processes and a clearer view of the big picture of the enterprise as a whole.
  • Minimized Data inconsistency: Data inconsistency exists when different versions of the same data sets or data appear in different places. In a properly defined and implemented database, the probability of data inconsistency is minimal
  • Improved data access: with a DBMS it is possible to rapidly produce quick answers to ad hoc queries. A query is a specific request issued to a DBMS for data
  • Improve Decision Making: When data is well managed and there is improved data access, it is possible to generate to a better quality information, on which better decisions are based
  • Increased end user productivity: The availability of data combined to the various contemporary information technological tools that that transform data into usable information gives a tremendous power to end users. This in turn enables them to make quick, informed decisions that can make the difference between success and failure in what ever endeavor they are carrying out.

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Compared to a manual filing system, the biggest advantages to a computerized database system are speed, accuracy, and’ accessibility.

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