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Dimconnect is a company that provide solution to Information Technology in Nigeria. This company is founded by Olum Ekene Josiah, Sylvester Hillary Odinchefu and Amobi Ikeolisa Victor. The company was founded on the bases of solving ICT problems for institutions, corporations, and individuals.

Dimconnect started with a simple dream of making educational materials accesible any time any where using technologies at our disposal. but later improved its services by developing softwares which would bridge the gap between ICT, education and business. We started by developing CBT software in 2015 for jambites and schools which proved useful in the area of exam preparations especially for students. In 2016, dimconnect released its first file sharing software called softshare for companies and individual. Others software include QuickText bulk sms application, Games  and  educational softwares.

Our Services:

We offer Information and communication Technology solutions which include: Education Software development and deployment, Business Applications, School portals, Web Development and Management, learning management and training delivery solutions to corporations, institutions and individuals.

Dimconnect Ekene Olum

Olum Ekene Josiah

Software developer

Dimconnect consultant Ikeolisa amobi

Amobi Ikeolisa Victor


Sylvester Hillary Odinchefu web developer for dimconnect

Odinchefu Hillary Sylvester

Web Developer

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