Miss South East Nigeria

Miss south east nigeria is a beauty pageant website. The website which was designed for flamez concept is a platform made to explain the miss south east  event entails as well as serve as a medium for upcoming models to signup and show their talents.


Miss south east website was designed to automated some of the activities been carried out by the sponsors such as handling models who sign up for the event. The platform has features which makes management a breese these features include.

  • Handles payments of models during signup. it supports both online and offline payments.
  • Generates receipts of payment as well as model forms with model id and model auditioning location.
  • It manages auditioning using social media. By syncing each social media to the website as well as to other social media connected to the website.
  • Site can adapt to any device such as mobile, tablet or pc.



  • Type: website
  • Tags: pageantry, website, social event
  • Status: complete