How to use POV Ray software for beginners

Howdy dc students, i m feeling alot merrier today because its a new year and hey for every new thing you ought to make the most out of it.

Want to be a game developer maybe not a game developer how bout a 3d artist? POV Ray is yet another ancient tool. But with this awesome software called POV Ray,  you can learn how to code why being very GOOD at designing stuffs too. Its kinda like killing two birdies with one shot. Persistence of Vision Raytracer, in short called POV-Ray, is a ray tracing program written by David Kirk Buck and Aaron A. Collins. POV Ray generates images from a text-based scene description,.

Yep I know how it sound but its true. POV Ray can be used for generating the 3-D models and includes companion program “moray” for interactive modeling. Enough talk lets get this boat rocking!!!

How to use POV Ray Basics

Have any questions, you can ask from the comment below. You can watch more tutorials on dimconnect just click on this link [More Tutorials]


Why do I bother calnlig up people when I can just read this!


You may be prompted to confirm the install, after which the package manager will proceed to install POV-Ray.

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