Hello ladies and gentlemen. We are pleased to announce our new or should I say latest software which enables you to transfer files from one PC to another. We call it softshare. You don’t need to take USB flash drives or external hard drives around just to send files or receive files. All you need is turn on softshare then send or receive files. Softshare is very easy and simple to use. Softshare has a very friendly user interface designed with you in mind. And yes softshare is free and its just 2mb. You can download softshare by clicking on the button below.

Version 1.0.1 is out now. Few fixes and update were carried out.




I already clicked download, but it’s not downloading


Hats off to whoveer wrote this up and posted it.


it has been fixed. you can download it now


You really saved my skin with this information. Thanks!

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